Vehicles for passengers transportation

Radulj Tours  possesses  comfortable and luxurious passenger vehicles with professional and friendly staff that is always at your disposal during your trip.

Mercedes Travego 15 HRD 46 + 2 + 1 seats

Setra S415 HD 49 + 1 + 1 seats

Mercedes Sprinter 519 19 + 1 + 1 seats

Renault Traffic 8 + 1 seats

Vehicles and trailers for bicycle transport

If you do not know how to transfer more bikes or if you have groups of guests on daily or multi-day trips and would like to cycle, we are just here for you, contact us with confidence and we will  organize everything for you with professionalism and high quality of service.

In our offer we have MTB, trekking or electric bicycles that we deliver on pre-arranged destinations and our kind staff will always be at your service.

Mercedes Sprinter 519  19+1+1 seats + a bike trailer

Renault Traffic for transport of 10 bikes + 8 seats + a trailer

Mercedes Sprinter 316 maxi furgon 30 bikes + a trailer

A trailer to transport 70 bikes

A trailer to transport  54 bikes

A trailer to transport 44 bikes

A trailer to transport 32 bikes

A trailer to transport 16 bikes