Dear visitors, guests of the island of Mljet, welcome to the most beautiful and the most forested island of the Adriatic, the island of olives, vineyards and rich flora and fauna, in the oasis of untouched nature. If you want to go on a guided tour to get to know the beauties of the island of Mljet, contact us with confidence and we will do everything to make your holiday worth remembering. On excursions, you will be accompanied by kind and professional staff who will be at your disposal and provide useful information on all the interesting things you will visit.

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If you want to meet the flora and fauna of the island of Mljet and merge with nature we suggest an organized hiking on the marked hiking trails. Choose one of the suggested routes adapted to your need , don't overestimate your abilities, our guides are with you to reach
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Cultural Sights

This trip will take you to the beautiful cultural and historical sights of the island of Mljet. It is an island rich in history. It was mentioned in the fourth century BC in Greek writings and numerous findings of Greek amphoras and sunken ships along the Mljet's shore testify that
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Odysseus cave

Do not miss the perfect opportunity to get to know the island of Mljet, its history and legends associated with Odysseus and the Odysseus cave. On the journey to Babino Polje, which lasts for thirty minutes, we will through the beautiful nature, passing by the small picturesque villages rich in
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Relaxed trip

Make the most of your day enjoying the sea, sun and relaxation. Visit the most beautiful beaches of the island of Mljet. The town of Saplunara is situated in a protected bay on the southeast part of the island of Mljet, its name comes from the Latin word sabalum meaning
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